Becoming Carbon Neutral

Helping you become Climate Active Certified

Carbon Neutral, or net zero carbon footprint, is the process of measuring your organisation’s carbon emissions, implementing reduction opportunities, and offsetting the remainder to a net zero value using carbon offsets.

Many companies and industry associations in Australia are focusing heavily on carbon emissions and the process to becoming carbon neutral certified.

KREA Consulting is experienced in greenhouse gas and energy consultancy and are Registered Consultants for Climate Active (formerly known as the National Carbon Offset Standard), an ongoing partnership between the Australian Government and Australian businesses to drive voluntary climate action.

The program supports businesses’ accounts and reduces their carbon emissions and provides a credible stamp to promote your commitment. Climate Active certification requires you to measure your carbon account, reduce, offset and publicly report your carbon neutrality. Dependent on the certification type and/or whether it is a baseline application, your application may require Technical Assistance sign off followed by third party verification. 

Technical Assessments

Technical Assessments must be undertaken by a Registered Consultant.

KREA Consulting can support your journey to become carbon neutral by providing technical assistance preparing your carbon accounts for the following Climate Active certifications:

Third Party Validation and Carbon Offset

As a Registered Greenhouse and Energy Auditor and qualified Environmental Management Systems Lead Auditor, KREA Consulting can provide third-party verification services for completed applications applying for an organisation, products and services, and events certification type

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